Sunday, 16 January 2011

:: Day 22_What makes you different from everyone else ::

Hari 22

Assalamualaikum. selamat malam semua. how your cuti cuti minggu?ada best tak? macam biasa cuti cuti Mj takde lah best pun. hanya duduk duduk di rumah melayan nabby, hehe. maka, what makes me different from everyone else. hmm, i don't know. am i different?or strange? or maybe..

adehh, how come you don't know about yourself Mj?!okey, what i really know is i am a shy girl and silent mode person haha. know what?since in Tadika Abim i never talked. just talked when i have to talked and usually to teacher only. see, how PENDIAM is Mj. 

then, enter SKSML i want to change [kononnya]. guess what, i never talked from Standard 1 until 6 until i enter SAMSMEL, haha. see, how different is me from everyone else. then, started form 4 i become talkative. by this time my school was SAMBBST, which is from SAMSMEL transferred to Salak Tinggi. hmm, it just move to a new place and new building and far from my home too!. the teachers, ustazah, ustaz, principal and student is still remain same. 

so, i have to stay at hostel which is first time for me. and i'm not homesick okey!haha. its take time to be talkative, haha. and i just talk with my dorm mates! at school, Mj is change to SILENT MODE, haha. and i just talked to boys little or very little. after that, went to college. at college i really really really talkative with my classmates, and BFF [of course la, hehe]. and, if you ask to my friends is it true that i am a quiet person?they maybe laugh or don't believe it. so the conclusion is kadang kadang dia boleh jadi banyak sangat cakaptanpahenti. kadang kadang dia juga boleh diamsepiseribubahasa. 

hey!come here you little 'poyo' bird!haha.

nota kaki:
*tiba-tiba jadik english, haha. sorry guys if have any mistake. =)
*tulis entry pun boleh tertidur..hahaha..


  1. eh mj skola dekat salak tinggi? cousin nohfee ade skola kt sne gak dulu.. time f1 smpi f3.

  2. @nohfee
    yup..skolah agama..yeke?same skolah ke?

  3. weeee! i agreee! sumtimes we can be a totally quiet person but at da same time olso kite leh jd talkative....nk becakapppp je non stop..haha ummm owg pompuannn...mood berubah2..ngeee~

  4. skola agama ke? eh eh tak tak. hehe. cousin nohfee skola dekat dgn kwsn perumahan tu..

  5. "to be alone is to be different,
    to be different is to be alone"

    kita semua nih unik dari yang lain.. :)

  6. kita semua ada kelebihan sendiri ..

    eh ? boleh tertidur tulis entry .
    dahsyat mj ni .

  7. @mizz nanas
    haha.yeah ble mood tgh xbaek mle lah syppp je..haha

  8. @nohfee
    ooo..smkbbst ke?mj tak tau sgt area situ..mj ingat ade taman mawar,ixora..nme2 bnge..hehe..

  9. @nelly
    itulah pasal, tgh2 bw pon leh tertdo..sudahnye nabby pon sleep skali..

  10. good to be you
    yeah a lot of mistakes :)

  11. @ARC™
    a lot?haha..dah agk dah..huhu..trimas ea..